The Rising Number of COVID-19 Cases Reflecting Growing Search Trend and Concern of People: A Google Trend Analysis of Eight Major Countries

Authors: Manik Sharma & Samriti Sharma

The Corona-virus (2019-nCoV) is a kind of zoonotic virus that has been first proclaimed in Wuhan (China). By 10th April 2020, the pandemic (COVID-19) has infected more than one and a half million (1698881) people across the world. During the last couple of weeks a sharp surging trend (COVID-19 infection) has been recorded . The community dissemination is a major cause behind this exponential growth. The substantial growth of this pandemic virus (COVID-19) has created a scary and stressful environment . The consequence of the stress is so high that fear of infection forces the persons to suicide . The key intention of this analysis is to highlight the escalating cases of COVID-19 and its refection in the growing search trend and concern of the people from 01st March to 10th April 2020.

During this observation period, the worldwide COVID-19 infected cases have been raised from 88,585 to 1,698,881 (~1.7 million). The highest number of new cases (101736) have been observed on 3rd April. An average growth rate of 7.58% (new_cases>70,000) has been witnessed. As of 10th March, the growth in the global contaminated cases has been intensified. Moreover, in the last five days of this study, 349,830 new cases have been appended. Likewise, the mortality rate has also skyrocketed over this time, which is badly affecting the mental state and immunity of the humans.

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