The effect of collaboration with top-funded scholars on scientific production

Seyed Reza Mirnezami
SPRI, Sharif University of Technology,  Tehran, Iran

Catherine Beaudry
MAGI, Polytechnique Montreal

Leila Tahmooresnejad
MAGI, Polytechnique Montreal

A r t i c l e i n f o

Science and Public Policy, Volume 47, Issue 2
April 2020
Pages 219-234

A b s t r a c t

The theoretical model developed in this article predicts that collaboration with top-funded scientists positively affects the number of scientific publications of an individual scientist. Having combined data on funding and publication of Quebec scientists, this article empirically tests the theoretical predictions. This article examines numerous definitions of top-funded scientists as those in the top 10 per cent, or top 5 per cent in terms of total funding, funding from the public sector, and funding from the private sector. The results show that collaborating with such top-funded scientists has a positive effect on a scientist’s number of publications, hence confirming our theoretical predictions.

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